Excellent, Knowledgeable, Professional with a heart.

Gary Stickell and his staff are wonderful. We appreciated the great work and the kind approach. He is the kind of attorney that can give attorneys a good name! He truly cares, was great at follow through, and incredibly responsive. He was quick to catch things that would help us and made the process much more bearable. I am still very grateful to this wonderful attorney.

- (5 star review)

Highly recommended!

Gary was referred to us by our Accountant who stated “this lawyer knows what he is doing and is straight to the point” This was our first experience with a lawyer but Mr. Stickell put us at ease and made us feel that everything would be alright. We had a million questions for him concerning our bankruptcy but Gary always took the time to answer each one sometimes over the phone or in his office if the answer was more complicated. Mr. Stickell handles each case personally when you hire him as your lawyer you really do get him as your lawyer. His legal assistants Michelle and Carrie are excellent very prompt and courteous about returning phone calls or emails, but they always refer to Gary first before answering any legal questions you may have.
We did Chapter 13 first then converted to Chapter 7 on October 2011 and in less than 4 months we got our discharged order. Everything went smoothly. We are very pleased and we strongly recommend him for any area of bankruptcy.

- (5 star review)


I am so thankful we found Gary. We unfortunately started our case with another attorney and 1 1/2 years later and many problems we can now say we are finally on the right path thanks to Gary. His understanding of the laws and how they apply to our case specifically has been a life saver!

- (5 star review)

Hope within the Tempest

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the numerous ways Gary Stickell and his associates have changed our lives:

1. First, and foremost, the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allowed us to make our mortgage payments and remain in our house
2. The phone calls from debt collectors stopped immediately after Gary filed our bankruptcy petition. My wife and I are no longer terrified when the phone rings and can breathe with relief
3. The mail from collection agencies stopped. We are no longer terrified about what might be in the mailbox that will ruin another day
4. We were provided HOPE when there seemed to be none, and a huge weight of stress and despair was lifted off from our shoulders
5. We accepted that filing for bankruptcy did not make us social outcasts – the stigma of old is gone with millions of people walking in our shoes now, or about to walk in our shoes
6. We are still living our lives basically the same as before the 2008 stock collapse, although a lot more prudently

Gary is a straight-forward attorney who sympathizes with his clients. He asks the critical questions that will be used to address the Trustee’s concerns. And his staff is absolutely wonderful. They all care and are there to assist you in your time of need. I can’t say enough about how much our family is indebted to Gary for his professionalism and proficiency. I have referred others to him, and will continue to do so in the future. There is HOPE out there, and Gary will assist you in grasping it!

- (5 star review)

Absolutely Tremendous!!!

Mr. Stickell took care of our very difficult bankruptcy with remarkable care and caring. His skill and knowledge allowed us to get through a very distressing and lengthy process with assurance that everything was going to be ok and all would work out. We could not be more pleased! Strongly recommend him for any area of bankruptcy, especially the combination of business and personal issues.

- (5 star review)